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Grocery Delivery & Pickup Information

NOTE: There is currently a 2-3 day wait for availability of order pick ups and deliveries.
Please be advised - we may not have all items on your list in stock. 
We are doing our best to fill orders as completely as possible.

Our shopping cart is not set up to take orders just yet, it is purely for information use at this time.

You can browse to see what we have to offer throughout the store on our Mercato Grocery Cart Page and make your list from this.  It does not necessarily reflect what is currently in stock, but pricing is updated daily, and it will show brand names and most of the items that we carry.  We hope this helps you create your shopping list and when things slow down a little, we will be working to get this up and running for online ordering, to make this process even easier for all of us.

Click here to see some of what we have to offer

ONCE YOUR LIST IS MADE send it to: orders@atkinsfarms.com

Include your name and phone number, town and please specify if you would like pickup or delivery.  If you would like us to deliver to you, please include your address.
Once we receive your order at orders@atkinsfarms.com we will call you for payment information.

You should hear from us (usually) within 48 hours to collect payment information and schedule the pick up or delivery date.  Please be patient.

Please be as specific as possible when typing your list (ie. how many apples, how many pounds of meat/salad, etc.)

Please let us know if you are OK with us making substitutions when necessary or if you prefer no substitutions.


-Curbside pickup/delivery is only out of our SOUTH AMHERST location.

-Once your order has been emailed we cannot make changes or additions. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

-Orders are being processed in the order that they are received. We are doing our best to confirm all orders within 48 hours.

All orders will include a 15% assembly fee.

Delivery Fees/Towns are below:

$25 minimum order plus delivery.

Delivery Fees:    

Belchertown/Granby/Leverett/Shutesbury/South Hadley/Sunderland

Northampton/Leeds/Florence/Easthampton/Deerfield/South Deerfield