Specialty Cupcakes - 1 dozen (2043)


Choose up to 4 flavors (or select Assortment) per dozen from the following options:

Carrot: Carrot cake, cream cheese icing, green sprinkles and a carrot icing on the top.

Chocolate Mint: Chocolate cake, mint icing, swirl of chocolate and mint chocolates on the top.

Chocolate Peanut Butter: Chocolate cake, peanut butter icing and a mini peanut butter cup on the top.

German Chocolate: Chocolate cake, chocolate icing and German chocolate icing on the top.

Maple walnut: Yellow cake, maple frosting, maple swirl on top and walnuts around edge

Chocolate Raspberry: Chocolate cake, raspberry icing, swirl of chocolate and a raspberry candy on the top.

Red Velvet:  Red velvet cake, cream cheese icing, red sprinkles, red flower bud.

Oreo: Chocolate cake, Oreo butter cream, Oreo crumbs around sides and mini Oreo on top.


Price $36.00

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