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Atkins Farms Meat and Seafood

You will find old-time butcher shop personal service at Atkins Meat Counter. Our personal service guarantees your freshly-ground hamburger, hand-trimmed meats, and choice of the freshest seafood will make a delicious meal. You can request the quantity you need and know you'll get the quality you want. And the quality is so superior that you'll not be satisfied until you come back for more.

Fresh Meat and Seafood

Certified Angus Beef

Our meat department carries Certified Angus Beef ® brand which is Angus beef at its best ®. There’s no other choice for remarkably good taste, but don’t take our word on it. Let your taste buds decide.

New to the Butcher Shop in 2021: Featuring Boyden Farm Grass Fed Beef. High quality, hand selected beef cattle fed a grass fed diet, finished non-gmo corn and flax to achieve the most delectably tender and flavorful cuts of beef. Boyden Farm’s Limited Reserve is second to none.

We also carry Springer Mountain and Bell and Evans, all natural chicken, raised with no growth hormones, no preservatives and no animal by-products. IBP Pork and ready to cook entrees such as stuffed pork chops and chicken breasts or marinated beef and chicken.

Our very popular Rotisserie Chickens come in three flavors, barbeque, classic and lemon pepper.

Meat & Seafood Department Mission Statement

We take pride in our commitment to provide our customers with the highest quality USDA certified Angus Beef, exceptional lamb and veal, and all natural pork and poultry, as well as the freshest available seafood and seasonal holiday offerings. Our knowledgeable staff will gladly help guide customers from purchase to preparation.

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