The very first retail building built at this location was started in June of 1962. The building would have been built the prior year, right after Howard Atkins purchased the land from Mr. Critchett, but when the 1961 crop of apples froze, he delayed the construction for another year. When the 1962 crop of apples made it safely past the frost season, Howard put the building plans back into action. The steel-framed, one-story building , with five overhead garage doors installed (to allow trucks to be driven in for the winter months), cost almost twice the original estimate of $8000. The building was ready early in August, but Howard was not. Afraid that no one would show up for the opening day, Howard had his wife, Ruth, oversee the opening while he busied himself packing apples at the storage facility. The opening was a success and Howard was kept busy that day sorting peaches and apples for the retail business.