Fortunately, Howard was still with us to help oversee our next major renovation and addition in 1995, when we doubled the size of our building to 25,000 square feet. The skeleton of the original building was incorporated into this renovation where the bakery sales area of the store now is. Howard was very proud, rightfully so, when that renovation was completed and over the next two years he was able to see the many positive results. In contrast, the wholesaling of apples became depressed as new orchards began producing an abundance of fruit. Most years, the wholesale price for apples didn't cover our expense of growing them. Therfore, we have made several U-turns in the production of apples, from the original all-wholesale production when the farm first started in the late 1800s, to mostly retail until the newer orchards planted in the 1960s began to produce enough apples for wholesale and then back to our present position of growing apples primarily for the store. From over 200 acres of apples, we now grow fruit on 60 acres in both Belchertown our Peach-Berry Hill orchards off Bay Road. We look at this change as streamlining our production so that we are more efficient and we can concentrate on growing the best quality fruit for our own store.