In 1977, the greenhouse area was added on to the retail building, and in 1980, a full line bakery kitchen was added. We were then able to make our own pies in addition to many new bakery products, including cakes, pastries, muffins, donuts, breads, rolls and coffee cakes. As we watched thousands of customers pass through our doors each day, Howard knew how foolish he had been to worry about whether anyone would show up that first day in 1962. In 1987, another major player on the Atkins team was hired. Paul Hodgkins, (now retired) part-owner and assistant manager, says he came to work at Atkins about the time when we down-sized the greenhouse business and moved our one 8-foot deli case out to the greenhouse area. At the same time we added a larger cheese case, a salad bar and more specialty foods.