Return Policy

General Store
·       All Returns must be handled through Customer Service
·       All Returns must have either Valid Receipt or Product unless previously approved by a Dept Manager or Customer Service
·       All Returns without Valid Receipt are only given Store Credit and the credit will be given at the current price at the time of the return
·       No Returns on Reduced & Clearance Items
Time Limit for Valid Returns
·       Packaged Perishable Items: 7 Days from Purchase Date (includes Plants & Flowers)
·       Perishable items to be consumed on the premises such as salad bar and bakery items: 3 Days from the purchase date.
·       Non-Perishable Items: 60 Days from Purchase Date
·       If unable to Return to store, call immediately for assistance and speak to the department Manager or Customer Service.
Valid Return Processing
·       All Returns will be refunded in same method of payment as purchase
o      Except Personal Checks – 2 week Delay until Check is processed
o      All Valid Check Returns must complete a Check Credit Form
·       All Returns over $20 require Valid Picture ID & Signature
·       All Returns must include a completed Return Form
Valid Returns in Gift Department & Gift Baskets
·       Gift Recipient requires Gift Item(s) in Original Condition & Valid Receipt
·       No Returns on Holiday Items after Holiday
·       Valid Receipt is required
·       Valid Overcharges are Refunded in same method as Payment
o      Except Personal Checks – 2 week Delay until Check is processed, unless a new Check is written for correct amount